Thursday, September 1, 2016

Between Worlds by Skip Brittenham

Posted first to Blog Critics as Book Review: 'Between Worlds', An Interactive Novel by Skip Brittenham.

Between Worlds by Skip Brittenham takes us into an entirely new action packed and interactive work of imagination. Eden Grove seems like a sleepy town, a place to raise children and escape from the stress of larger areas. In the enter of the forest that surrounds it, an aspen grove finds it home. The trees are ancient, and have been a part of the lure of the area, once even claimed to hold a wishing tree. But as the years passed and moved on into the current time, those stories became rumors of old.

Marshall and Mayberry are teenagers, bored and restless at the inadequacy of small town living. They have heard the rumors but know that such talk is not true, yet they yearn for excitement and their chance to be a part of something larger then themselves.  When they decide on a hike into the forest, they suddenly find themselves in a place of importance. As they come to the aspen grove and continue into their hike, they find a tree that appears much older then possible, large and imperious, out of place in a way that seems odd. Wondering if somehow they have found the wishing tree, they determine to make their wishes—just in case.

Sleep overtakes them as they lay against the behemoth tree, and when they awake they find themselves in a world different then their own. Can they be the heroes they dreamed of? What they find is that such magic takes a toll, and danger is a part of this world of mythical creatures. Death is possible and they see first hand that being a hero is more work then they can imagine.  Can they make their way back home before they end up in this new world forever?

Brittenham has given us an alternate reality that is different then those that have come before. His world is full of beauty but also littered with beasts of terrible ferocity. As in most worlds there are good and bad characters, but his small deceptions make is difficult to tell between the two. His descriptions of this world are well thought out, and make you feel as though you are there.

His characters are full of curiosity and bravado, but all the same are teenagers in their old world with all the insecurities that come along with it. He is able to help you feel the connection and you experience their fear and concerns as you your are transported into this strange new world with them. Along with this work comes a free App, that can help you and your young reader view the world even closer. Full of pictures this book is a work of fun and involvement.

If you are looking for a book to entrance your young reader this would be a great find. It is full of mystery, danger, heroic adventure and is tied in with new technology as an added enhancement. This is a tale that holds your attention, and is a great read for both the young adult and the young at heart. I can't wait to see what other adventures Brittenham brings.

Rating 4/5