About Me

    Reading has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a very small town of 382 and while it seemed as though there were things to do and fun to be had in the form of exploring, fishing, swimming and all the other things one does as a child I still had that place inside that was really never involved. There were nine of us in the family and I usually drew the job of shopping at the small mom and pop store downtown. I would get to keep the change and that was such a big deal in the family as we were respectively.....well OK poor. There I said it. I would save up these little bits of change and my actual goal in the beginning was to buy comic books at the local drug store for anywhere from 25 cents to 75 cents. I was after all only nine.

My first foray into book land came one afternoon as I was browsing the comics at the stand, the owner was serving some of the ladies in town at the soda fountain. Yes you did hear that correctly, it was a long time ago and yes there was a soda fountain. While waiting with my hard earned coin I noticed that the comic books were not very big and that I would be done with reading in very short order. That seemed like a waste of all the time that it took me to save up the money for one. I would say it took about a month because the change was usually pennies and nickles. While waiting for John to be done waiting on his customers, I spied a book spindle just across from the Comic book and magazine section. The picture of a horse caught my eye. I started browsing the spindle and saw that the letters were smaller and that the books had no pictures. In a flash I figured out that this would take more time to read and give me something to do for a longer period of time then reading the comic. Besides even though I may have purchased it I would have to share the comic with my siblings and would not necessarily have first dibs unless I hid it well. I wish I could tell you the title of my first book, I know it cost me 75 cents. I did not know at the time that it would inspire my life long passion of reading and so it did not seem important at the time.

Needless to say from there on after, every bit of coin I was able to save went towards books, and I have never looked back. As strange as it may seem I not only love to read,but because my first love was the paper back, I am drawn to them over the hard back. I love the smell and the texture, I love to have them around me when I am reading. And I will read anything. I have my favorite authors and types of books but find that just being around them is what makes me feel complete.

These are a list of my sites.

Paranormal Tales Told

Author-Leslie Ann Wright