Sunday, July 18, 2010

206 Bones by Kathy Reichs

     This one is for the fans of the Fox Television series "Bones".  Dr. Temperance Brennan regains consciousness in a dark underground box, bound hand and feet in the middle of the icy winter in Montreal. Will Lieutenant Ryan be able to find her in time or will Dr. Brennan find her own escape?

     Kathy Reichs 206 Bones leads you on a roller coaster of crimes and criminals. Who does Temperance trust, is her career in jeopardy and who is the psycho trying to ruin her reputation. Not one to sit around Temperance follows the clues to uncover the mind of a killer.

This books pulls you in from the beginning, it is fast paced and keeps you going. As always unless you are an extreme "bone junkie" or could that be a "Bones junkie" all the detail gets a little overwhelming. Kathy Reichs continues to please her fans with the continued installments of her Dr. Temperance Brennan series, this is #12 in that series.

Rated 4/5

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Readaholics said...

I like this review. I love "Bones"
Readaholics Anonymous

Leslie said...

Thank you Dana,
It is one of my favorite shows and Kathy Reichs is a great author.

Unknown said...

Sounds great. I just picked up a copy of her "Cross Bones" at the used book store and can't wait to get into it. Thanks for the review.

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I love, love, love this show. It's about the only one I watch on television. However, I just can't get into the books. Isn't that weird?

Brooke Reviews said...

I'm definitely a Bones (tv show) junkie, and have been wondering if the books were any good as well. Thanks for a great review!

Darlyn said...

I havent read any of the books but I definitely loves the series!